Saturday, 8 May 2010

about the small pleasures

Hi guys!

Today only a quick post about the little pleasures from the last days first. An outfit post will follow later...
I think the little pleasant things should be appreciated much more because most often they are the ones that make my day.

I try to eat less sugar, so...

...I snacked on some mini crispbreads with cheese or cream cheese instead of munching chocolate. A cup of Chai tea with milk with the snacks and I'm happy, yum!

This is my loose cash savings box for the next vacation trip,...

...that I brought to the bank yesterday because it was pretty full.
Now I'm 130 Euro closer to the white-water rafting trip to Slovenia that Patrick and I have been wanting to do for so long.

Talking about Patrick, while we're at it: he bought this Back to the Future postcard...

...and this lovely key pendant and it was the first time he bought a postcard for our postcard wall (he didn't care about it before), so cute of him :)

This is my new found miracle cure...

that I've been taking for a while now. It's an instant cranberry drink against regularly recurring cystitis, which I've been cursed with for years. It works, that's so cool!

I bought this shopping bag...

... for carrying packages to the post office and so. Well, I didn't really need it, but it was cheap and I was in the city and didn't want to go home without having found a bargain
(women's hunting urge, haha) :)

What made me happy yesterday was...

...that my boyfriend was so kind to take some photos of me although he was so exhausted after the concert he had :)

Outfit later! And a "spotlight on"-post about another looovely little online shop coming soon!

Happy Saturday!
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  1. It's so easy to forget to appreciate the little things. thanks for the reminder :) Looking forward to your outfit post!

    have a great saturday


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