Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Leda and the Swan

dress: h&m, jeans: h&m, cardi: vintage, belt: vintage, scarf: h&m, shoes: thrifted

Hi guys!

Today the campus trade show and the students strikes against the tuition fees are at the same time, what a day... Most of the classes at uni didn't take place, I had only one this morning, Poetical Modernism, that's where the title comes from.
Leda, the wife of Tyndarus the king of Sparta, was loved by Zeus who had watched her bathing in the river Eurotas and changed himself into a swan to approach her. According to the poem he kinda raped her and (here starts the actual Greek mythology again) she brought forth two eggs, from one of which sprang Pollux and Helena and from the other Castor and Clyremnestra (the two most beautiful women and two very strong gods of war on the Olympus).
It's a very strange poem at first, but after considering and re-reading it's really good. I love the depictive art of description here. Oh btw it's by William Butler Yeats.

Yesterday was interesting, too. In my lunch break I received a call from a market research company that I had almost forgotten about. I had sent them a registration for taking part in discussion rounds years ago and they had never called me... I've already moved to another address since, but my mobile number is still the same, so lucky me was invited to such a discussion. It was so funny, we were 6 girls, all between 20 and 30 years old, and we had to discuss tampon advertisements for two hours! I've never talked so much about tampons.
In the end everyone got 25 Euro cash on the barrelhead. Cool, I hope they call again soon! ;)

Now I'll spend some time here at home til I meet my boyfriend at the main station. He is a trip! He has to do the IT support for a German TV channel at the election of the state parliament (famous for its architecture) on Sunday and he's been knowing this forever now. Yes, well, today it occured to him that he needs a blazer to look chic... So we have to go and buy one at the 11th hour...

I love the colour of these flowers! (snapshot from the lunch break)

Btw the outfit is from yesterday. Maybe I'll upload today's outfit later...or tomorrow...but then I never catch up with time again haha. We'll see ;)

Have a nice day!

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  1. hey there! thanks so much for your sweet comment! Loving your scarf!!!

  2. I like your style!! is fashion but unique!! So cute and cool! :)

    I'm going to chek your blog as soon as I can (it means everyday :) )


  3. I love the black outfit with that great scarf for a pop of color! That picture of the lilac looks so professional, I love it!

  4. hi meine liebe...sehr süsses Halstuch...


  5. Lovely blog! Really like the polaroid style pic! :)

  6. I really enjoy the pants and dress look, need to wear this more. Your scarf is super cute. The students at my college always complained about tuition, but never did anything about it.

  7. Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment...your blog is wonderful..I do love your outfit...I adore your scarf! Your lilac image is amazing...hugs for a great day. xoxoo

  8. I love that scarf! It looks great paired with your belted dress.

  9. Wow, that scarf is stunning. I love your shoes too!

  10. The scarf is beautifully rest around your neck! I love it so much :)


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