Saturday, 22 May 2010

goodbye old, hello new

Hi guys!

Aaaw I'm so happy! Tomorrow is my birthday and Patrick was so cute to give me my present yesterday evening, so I could use it straightaway. That's why I'm writing this post here with my supercool new laptop :D

I'm so looking forward to the next days and the whole next week: my birthday (usually I hate getting older but this year it's awesome), visiting my mum (haven't seen her for weeks now), and the best thing is, that Duesseldorf has so many fleamarkets and I am as pleased as a Punch to go visit them all. If I only had known about the great fleamarket scene here before.

shirt: fleamarket, skirt: h&m, cardi: vero moda, belt: accessorize,
shoes: görtz17, boombox necklace: six

Today will be great, too. I'm going to pick up my best friend Farah at the main station tonight and then we exile Patrick to the living room and have a girls night with yum food and a pile of old photos and nailpolish and dvds in the bedroom. We don't see each other very often cause she lives 70 kilometres away, so this will be great fun :)

And the good times will be continued tomorrow with brunch at Canoo, a lovely little restaurant located on a boat on the Rhine. We'll meet some more girls there, I'm so looking forward to meeting them all again. The day after tomorrow I'll enjoy being cooked for by my dad and his girlfriend. Oh man, lots of food the next days... ;)

The outfit is from yesterday, I wore it to the office. The shirt is a 1 Euro bargain from the fleamarket, I think it's one of my new favourite shirts. I simply love the big dots and the watercolour effect :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!

now playing: rise against - to them these streets belong
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  1. what a fun outfit! i love your necklace, it's super cool! hope you have a great birthday :D

  2. Hope your birthday is a blast!!! You look so adorable:D Sweet laptop and I really want your necklace!

  3. Happy birthday weekend and have fun with your new laptop. Love the polka dots!

  4. you look so cute love the shoes ans HAPPY birthday girl! xx

  5. Happy Birthday! This looks like a fun birthday outfit. It is colorful and happy! What a nice gift you got too!

  6. Happy birthday! And thanks for your comment, lovely lady. :)

    A xx

  7. i cant believe i only stumbled upon your blog now!!!! great site you have here!!

    as i said in your chictopia, i adore that dotted top!! so cute! :D

  8. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
    You can also join my GIVEAWAY!
    Love, Cindy.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hehe what an awesome birthday present, laptops FTW!!!

    The dot shirt is just the cutest, the colors are so lovely and your little shoes are just the sweetest shade of lilac :)

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday,
    lots of love

  10. You looks super cute, and that shirt was such a great steal! Hope you had a lovely time yesterday and that today all the fun just keeps on coming your way! Happy Birthday lovely lady :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!


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