Wednesday 15 June 2011

into the wild

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Hi guys!

Well, not really into the wild but I got another picture-heavy post for you. Now you're like "Oh no, come on, not another food post." and I can tell you: no food today! But my second favourite photography motives, animals! Yay :)
Patrick and I visited the deer park yesterday. It's embedded in Düsseldorf's urban forest and provides us citizens with 40 hectares of wood and meadows to take a walk, look at the animals and escape from the hectic city.

the entrance

Look at this little cat burglar, isn't he cute? Aww these little paws :D

This is my favourite photo! I love it! :)

It was so nice to see all the animals in appropriate enclosures, big enough for them to move freely, not these little cages that I've seen in several zoos before. And the animals are all so friendly, they come to the fences to take a look at who is taking pictures of them. They are really interested in their observers and the harmless animals are used to being fed by the people. However I didn't like that although there are instruction signs about how and what to feed, most people bring their kitchen waste to feed it to the animals. That's not cool because it's unhealthy for them. Try reading the signs you dumbasses! Humans are a stupid race...

a young fox (he looked so clever)

When I wanted a jumping photo...

...Patrick wanted a jumping photo too :)

I must admit I'm not a friend of trips into the woods or fields, I respect nature but I prefer to leave her in peace for I know she causes me trouble if I come too close. What I mean is that I'm pretty allergic to almost everything nature has to offer: all sorts of pollen, straw, certain insect bites. Furthermore I have a major disgust for insects, I get a rash from sweating too much, I am a f****** sissy. BUT I enjoyed our little trip though, I can handle nature if it comes in small doses ;)

Mommy wild pig...

... and baby wild pig! This little fella was so photogenic and adorable :)

Yeehaaa xD

The wild pigs were what I liked most about the deer park, I just love how they grunt and guzzle and waggle their tails. The babies came so close to the fence, they almost got stuck in it with their little noses. And they squeaked a lot.
Another really cool animal was one of the red deers lying around near the fence. This was one relaxed deer. We passed its enclosure several times in three hours and this lazy animal never moved away from its place, not one single centimetre.

Mrs. Deer preparing for her beauty sleep

another photogenic fella

What was that again with the moss and the geographic directions?! ;)

I felt a bit like Dora the Explorer :D

What did you guys do yesterday? Most of you had a day off because of Pentecost as well right?
I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and the start into the new week!

Btw Patrick took some of the photos above. Thanks darling!

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  1. :) mal wieder ein ausflugstipp den ich beherzigen werde!

    cafe schwan war mega guut! wir saßen draußen und waren leider zu spät fürs buffet, aber die frühstücksplatte war auch sehr gut :)
    werd ich sicher nochmal hingehen

  2. Looove the pictures, animals are so cute. I wish I was at the zoo right now! This sounds like a great day my dear. And your jacket, scarf and dress combination is so great! I love this

  3. Such cute animals! I love the little weasel!

  4. No day off here in Canada :( I'm not religious, but I definitely like days off!! Mr. Fox is cute, I don't think I've ever seen a fox in real life before...

  5. Man bei dir kriegt man ja immer wieder gute Tipps wo man hier so hin kann, kannte diesen Wildpark z.B. noch gar nicht! Coole Sache und das Foto von dem Reh mit dem vielen Grün im Hintergrund ist ja mal voll schön! Sieht aus wie Bambi! :D
    Und hey du bist ja immer so lieb in deinen Kommentaren :) da werd ich ganz rot! Natürlich darfst du dir eines der Bilder borgen, ich bin seeeeehr geschmeichelt :)

  6. I love your scarf in these photos so fun and bright. All the little animals are so cute too.

  7. Looks like you had a lovely day in your very cute outfit!


  8. Carina, a BIG HELLO! I haven't been able to comment until now on your blog! I was getting so frustrated! I found out if you click the stay signed in when you log in that it will totally screw you!
    Anyways, Happy BELETAED Birthday!

    I love your Zoo pics! I love going to the zoo!
    I have the same thought on nature! I love it but it makes me a tad nervous, lol!
    gi gi

  9. Oh, wie süss! Ich war schon ewig nicht mehr im zoo, tierpark etc. ;)

  10. love your hair bow! i always love hair accessories to dress up my outfits! <3

  11. I love all these adorable pictures! SO cute! And your outfit is so cute. Love your scarf!!

  12. You look so lovely! Nice pictures. :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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