Tuesday, 6 November 2012

new in: this and that for the apartment

Hi guys!

I'm still blogging rarely and still from my friend's guest room, BUT I will have my own desk in my own apartment again soon. Next Saturday is moving day and I will finally live in my new place shortly after. Can't wait! :)

Speaking of anticipation: I'm already buying stuff for the new home via Ebay. And since there are no outfit posts at the moment, I show you what I've bought instead.
How do you like these? :)

1. Ikea "Lyckoax" bed linen
2. Biberna floral bed linen
3. mosaic glas fragments lamp
4. vintage arm chair

And there is so much more on my watch list.....
I can't wait to buy some pretty christmas lights, curtains and all too.

Okay this was only a small post - but hey, at least I'm blogging, right? ;)

Have a lovely day!


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  1. All of those things look lovely, I especially like that armchair, it looks so comfy!
    Hope your moving goes smoothly, I look forward to seeing your new apartment when you've got it all set up :)

  2. Ooh nice pickings! ^^d
    Can`t wait to see your new home.
    The best thing about moving is shopping for new things ne. ^^ hih
    Take care luvvie! MMxoxo

  3. Sieht toll aus, vorallem der Stuhl ist wirklich sehr cool ;-)
    Dann richte dir jetzt mal dein eigenes kleines Nest ein :-*
    Aller liebste Grüße Jestil

  4. The arm chair reminds me of Szimpla. :) <3

  5. Those linens and that lamp are gorgeousness!

  6. The chair is so pretty!

  7. du hast schon sehr coole sachen gefunden. dieser sessel ist so super! :) in dem kann man sicher gut scotch trinken für extra mad men feeling :)

    es freut mich das es dir schon viel besser geht!



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