Monday 30 April 2012

Ballinskelligs Beach

Hi guys!

Today I'd like to share our luck with you. On our second day here in Ireland, Patrick and I went down to the village's beach in the evening and found a place that was more beautiful than we had ever expected: the stunning beach landscape plus the deep blue water plus perfect lighting plus a rainbow! Yes, a rainbow! We felt like the Leprechauns wanted to welcome us to their stunning country :)

Isn't this just breathtaking?
Now I know that the postcards I bought the other day (with similar pictures on them) are probably not even photoshopped.
If you walk along the beach further outside of the village you get to an old burial ground where there are really old headstones and the ruins of a monastery directly by the sea, it's amazingly beautiful there as well! I will show you some pics of it soon.

By the way, while I'm writing this post I'm sitting in our cottage and sipping on a cup of black tea with milk - that's a nice habit I will take back home with me. I know it's totally stupid, but I feel a lot more Irish since I have switched from coffee to the black tea with milk routine. Actually it only happened because they make such a strong coffee here, that even the cafe latte is too much for me (I only like coffee that doesn't taste like coffee haha).

Alright, more about my Ireland adventures in the next post.
Have a lovely day everyone! :)


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  1. OMG ich beneide dich so!!! Im Dezember war ich mit meiner Schwester 3 Tage in Irland zu besuch bei meinem Bruder in Cork... wir sind dann auch etwas rausgefahren und OMG ich LIEBE LIEBE dieses Land. Bevor wir gingen dachte ich... Irland...pha wird sicher total langweilig! Wenn man mich heute fragen würde, würde ich sagen NACH IRLAND WÜRDE ICH JEDERZEIT AUSWANDERN... wie gesagt ich beneide dich grad total!! ;)

  2. wie im märchen! ich bin voller neid! (das hab ich ja schon zig mal erwähnt.. :D )

  3. Amazing pictures! Thumps up for rainbows :D

    Kisses xx

  4. It looks like you are having such a wonderful in Ireland! Everything looks stunning! And black tea with milk sounds like something I would love :D

  5. i would to see pictures of the cottage, it sounds wonderful :)

  6. Stunning photos! And I love your pretty pea coat, too!

  7. Oh how I wish to visit Ireland! I just adore the country and the rainbow photos are splendid. xxx

  8. schöne urlaubsbilder ...

  9. oh my goodness, such lovely photos! That rainbow is amazing and all of the colors are beautiful. I'm jealous :)


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