Tuesday, 2 October 2012

bad news

Hi guys!

My private life is pretty messed up again at the moment - and additionally now of all times I spilt coffee over my laptop so that it has totally given up the ghost. You can officially call me Calamity Jane...
I hate my life at the moment and all I can do is hope that better times are ahead.

I will try my best to keep this blog running, but the unfortunate circumstances make it really hard at the moment, so I can't promise regular posts.

I'm sorry to spread these negative vibes round here, but I just wanted to let you know what's going on.

Hope all of you are doing fine! 

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  1. Really, really sorry to hear that things are not going well again for you :( I hope you manage to sort things out *hugs* whatever happens, everything will work out and be okay in the end, no matter how shit things may seem now. It takes time but eventually things get worked out.
    Take care <3

  2. Sending you lots of hugs, I'm struggling with stuff too and I know what it feels like to hate your life. I hope things are brighter soon for us both. I do believe things all happen for a reason, even if it's impossible to make sense of at the time and we'll come out the other side just that bit stronger and wiser, right? I hope you'll be back though - I do love your blog and your posts brighten up my often dark and dismal days. Love from a friend in the UK xxx

  3. i'm sorry to hear, and i can relate. i think you are lovely, and hope things get better for you. xx


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