Monday, 18 April 2011

a spring wishlist

Hi guys!

Have you missed my wishlists? I posted a couple of them last year, then I needed a break from compensating my shopping lust into thousands of wishlists and now I feel like posting another one again, especially because spring has sprung. This warmer weather makes me wanna live in jeggings and loose shirts.
Here are some of the pretty pieces I came across in different online shops. It's my birthday next month, so maybe I'll even get one or two of these...


(article site here)

I fell in love with this at first sight! When I turned the page of the H&M spring/summer catalogue and glimpsed this adorable checkered dress for the first time I knew I had to have it! But unfortunately H&M has not established the price in my favor. 29,95€ is a bit much for H&M standards isn't it? So now I'm hoping for a pre-summer sale or something...


(article site here)

The "Misty Sequoias Tunic" landed on my wishlist immediately. I've said it before: I want to live in jeggings and loose shirts, especially if the shirt is as pretty as this one here! I love the simplicity and the change from moss green to beige-white.

(article site here)

Of course I also have to mention at least one Modcloth dress on my wishlist (secretly I wish I could afford a dozen of their beautiful dresses or more...). So here it is, the perfect bird print dress called "Aviary Enthusiast" that totally enchants me with it's lovely colours and vintage vibe. I also saw it on Rebecca of The Clothes Horse today and was simply amazed. What a perfect dress!


(article site here)

I've always wanted a darkblue handbag. A pretty one. Now Zara has it: a perfect shade of darkblue, a good size for uni and work (DIN A4-suitable), made of genuine leather, what more can I ask for? I love it. And even although I'm a chintzy person I have to say that 79,95€ is still okay for a leather bag. Not ideal but okay.


(article site here)

Okay, this is something that will probably stay on this wishlist because I'm too chintzy to spend 98,40€ on a simple coat. But I want to be able to keep it in mind in case I ever happen to have enough money left, so I post it here. I adore the classic timeless caramel-brown and the clean and chic look with a touch of 60s mod feel. Plus I think this might be very flattering for my bodyshape.

(article site here)

Furthermore when I browsed Asos I got stuck on these Diesel boots. I don't really know why because I hate cowboy boots, they make most people look like dorks (remember Ted's red cowboy boots in "How I Met Your Mother"?)... but this modern flat streetwear version of classic cowboy boots is different. I really like these and I bet they would look lovely with skinny jeans and a cozy oversized sweater or poncho.


Both necklaces and other gorgeous designs can be found at Verabel.
I found this shop via a link at Tumblr or so and I was so stunned by the beautiful designs that I clicked around in the shop for at least 30 minutes. They sell mostly lockets, painted with ethnic patterns, birds, ships... I really adore them!

Another awesome Etsy shop I found is I Heart Norwegian Wood, a Canadian shop that sells pieces with lovely prints and patterns. Their range goes from tops and skirts over harnesses and jewelry to colourful crazy pants and leggings. I especially love the two pieces above: the "Landscape t Dress" and the "Abstract Mesh Luxe Collection Leggings". Everything in the shop is self-designed, made with love and looks a tad vintage-wise.

Hm the world is full of pretty things, no? :)
I hope you liked this little trip through some of my favourite online shops.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Ah um das H&M Kleidchen laufe ich schon knappe vier Wochen drum herum. Das mit dem Vogelprint ist auch süß. Ich finde aber H&M mittlerweile fast qualitativ besser als Zara, was die Klamotten angeht. Bei Zara habe ich oft Sachen gesehen, die schon Fäden gezogen hatten bzw. Löcher an den Nähten aufwiesen.

  2. Great picks! My favourites are the Zara bag and the I Heart Norwegian Wood t-dress!

    M xo

  3. I love those Etsy necklaces! And I adore everything Modcloth!
    I am so excited because we are finally getting an H&M soon! I've been waiting so long!
    Great wish list!

  4. Das Kleid mit dem Vogel-Print ist ... wunderschön!

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    seeya :D have a nice day !

  6. first dress is fantastic! :D love the colors and tissue!


  7. Such lovely choices. That H&M dress is perfect for spring and I also love that bag from Zara. Sadly it is a bit expensive for my little student budget!

  8. That floral dress is looking AWESOME to mee. I want it! I wish I lived near an H&M or a Zara. Seriously. I'm missing out on some amazing pieces like these ones!

  9. Oh I LOVE that gorgeous floral modcloth dress!

  10. OMG the bird dress is totally adorable! *.* and the Zara bag is absolutely perfect! I can't get any more messenger bags though, one of my friends asked me if I nicked all my bags from postmen LOL.
    Despite the price, I reckon you should get the bag, they're REALLY handy for uni ^^

  11. i duno whats wrong with my browser urghh i hope my comment dont appear twice

    i wanted to say what a wonderful list , i sure hope u will get them all ! i love the Zara Bag and the dress from Modcloth

  12. that asos model, she's my favourite! makes me want to buy everything she models

  13. i LOVE that h&m checkered dress and the blue zara bag. two stores that we do NOT have here. bummed. hope you get some of these!


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