Tuesday, 9 April 2013

the new just not right skirt

Hello readers!

No I'm not dead, but I have to apologize for not managing to post more than once a week. I'm sorry, but it's been crazily busy at both of my jobs and in addition to the stress I've also been struggling with an on-and-off cold and swollen tonsils since last week. It's a war, I'm seriously starting to believe that my body is working against me. Feeling good, feeling ill again, feeling good the next day, dang...
Anyway, I couldn't afford calling in sick at work so I pulled through last week, hence the blog neglection.

So finally here I am again with a new outfit post! The temperatures still don't want to rise much here, but at least the icy wind has vanished and it's possible to wear skirts without freezing off your private parts. At least that's something right?

I totally wanted to wear my new skirt because I adore the colour so much! So off I went with it today - and do you know these days when you're wearing a piece for the first time in daily life and notice that there's something just not right about it? Well, this skirt, my dear readers, is an asshole! As long as you stand still it will look super pretty with its flared shape and drapery in the front and all, but once you start walking, oh boy... In the back it will stick to your butt like glue and in the front it will crinkle and roll its seam inside and crawl up your thighs in less than a minute!
I kept pulling this stupid thing down each 5 minutes! All day! Damn you H+M!
Seriously people, if you see this skirt in their recent collection, don't throw away 10 € for it...

Happy Monday (well, as happy as this day can be)!

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  1. I love the colour of this skirt too, it's really lovely that's too bad it fits so poorly!! I hate when that happens :( Your jacket is really wonderful and cozy looking! It's been so chilly here too, I just want winter to be done

  2. kann ich total verstehen, dass du den rock unbedingt tragen wolltest; die farbe is echt richtig richtig schön! und der rest gefällt mir auch!
    was für jobs hast du denn neben deinem studium?

  3. So pretty! Perfect colour and we LOVE your accessories!

    ox from NYC!


  4. Ohh yes, I know all about this type of items: I have one dress, one skirt and one jumpsuit that does exactly the same, they are so pretty but I can't wear them!

    You do look great though, love the jacket too!

  5. that skirt sounds like a bitch. I hope you don't get sick again. I feel like I am getting a bit sicky and I am at sydney fashion week too :(

  6. Super cute skirt! Maybe wear a short slip underneath?

  7. Love your blog! It's a shame the skirt wasn't worth buying :(. Love the coat!

  8. looking so cozy and chic!! :D love your coat!! :D

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  9. girl you are super cute!! and i'm loving that stirped shirt big time. adorable


  10. Ich liebe den Rock!
    Das ist genau meine Farbe! :)

    Sabrina // www.brina-bellina.de

  11. Great pictures, you look absolutely stunning!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  12. You look lovely! The colour and length of the skirt is fabulous!

    Wish it would warm up sooner, it is ICEY COLD. Although I've just had a look at the weather forecast, we're going to have a warmer weekend! YAY!



  13. super schönes Outfit! ;)

    Probier doch einfach mal ein paar Zeitungsschnipsel als Collage zusammenzukleben, dann kannst du mit der Zeit immer mehr dazu kleben und irgenwann hast du eine schöne, große Collage ;)

  14. Haha, tolle Rock-Trage-Beschreibung! Ich hasse wenn Röcke das machen, die kann man eigentlich nur aussortieren, auch wenn das bei diesem schönen Exemplar sehr schade wäre!
    Ich finde deine Kombi hier auch ganz, ganz toll!


  15. love the burgundy touch int your outfit

  16. :-DDD So nen Arschloch-Rock hab ich auch... sehr nervig auf Dauer, aber auf deinen Bildern sieht er einfach toll aus! Und die Farbe kannst du halt auch super im Sommer und Frühling tragen!
    Mir gefällts mal wieder sehr gut, wie dus kombiniert hast!
    Finds übrigens auch nicht schlimm, wenn du grad wenig zum posten kommst. Manchmal gibts einfach wichtigere Dinge zu tun oder man hat eben mal keine Lust.

  17. You look awesome!! Love your skirt and your hair colour is fab!!

    Style Without Limits

  18. oh no, that skirt is really misbehaving! do you think maybe it's just static? try running a fabric softner cloth over it. it's too bad- that color is sooo pretty

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  19. great look!! love the layering going on

  20. Hooray for warmer weather. Although, who doesn't like a frozen vagina?:D Just kidding, I hate wearing skirts during winter because we get really strong winds here and I think your privates LITERALLY would freeze.:) But I like your skirt and the entire outfit too!!

  21. Great jacket and skirt! Love this outfit <333

  22. I have so many skirts that do that when I wear tights! It's annoying but I just deal with it haha. I really love the color of your skirt and the striped top paired with it. Your jacket is amazing too!

    I hope you start feeling better soon!

  23. Such a cute outfit. I love the stripe shirt with lace paired with the plum skirt.

  24. *snort* at your description of the skirt. I find that happens far too often. And anytime you're tired of that jacket, you know where to find me..! ;)


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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