Wednesday 15 February 2012

snow flowers

Hi guys!

As many of you might have heard or experienced theirselves, Europe has been visited by a Siberian winter depression for some time now. Actually most places in Germany already had snow, even cities that are not really far from here. It seemed that only Düsseldorf had been skipped... BUT I had a day off from work on Monday and woke up to snowfall! How amazing, I had been wishing for snow so bad! So after breakfast I got dressed and headed outside to take some outfit pics in the snow - finally!
I'm glad I did this in the morning because by the early afternoon most of the snow was already gone. Lucky me! ;)

♥ parka: vero moda ♥ cardigan + loop scarf: gina tricot ♥ dress worn as shirt + skirt: h&m ♥ belt: new yorker ♥ tights: primark ♥ boots: ebay ♥ necklace: flufftail

To tell you a little secret: actually there wasn't as much snow as it seems from the pictures, only about 1cm, but I wanted to savour the rare opportunity and put up my cam's ISO to make it look like a winter wonderland. I'm still a raw recruit when it comes to my Canon's thousand features, but I'm actually pretty content with what I made of the photos via ISO and editing. It looks magical somehow :)

I know everyone is desperately waiting for spring to come, but to be honest I'm wishing for a bit more snow until the beginning of March. Remember that I mentioned a planned city trip with a friend? Well, next week I'll leave for Budapest with Farah and, as I have only spent time there in the summer yet, it would be lovely to visit this city in the winter with snow, ice and the whole shebang. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

What about you? Are you enjoying winter and snow or are you longing for some spring sun?

Have a lovely day everyone!

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  1. wow! die bilder, das outfit, der schnee!! :) schön

  2. diene bluse mit dem braunen gürtel und dem jeansrock finde ich super!
    schicke out door fotos;-) ich hoffe bei mir klappt es auch endlich mal wieder.

  3. dein outfit schaut super aus =)

  4. Schöne Fotos & ein sehr schönes Outfit!
    Schnee! <3

  5. I think your photos are magical! Love the look you got and your outfit...happy day after Valentines day to you. xoxoxoxo

  6. Aww the snow looks so prettty! I love floral patterned top, denim skirt and those awesome coloured tights! Such a great look. I am longing for spring, even though it's been a very mild winter, I am ready to kick off the tights and coats :)
    PS. I should have that post emailed to you by saturday, it's been a crazy week schoolwise and I've barely been home!

  7. I live in the desert, so we NEVER get snow... or cold for that matter. I'm super jealous of you. I think I need to take a trip to some white mountains :)

  8. Lovely!

    Tell me your opinion!
    Follow each other?

    Kisses Elpi xxx

  9. The color of your tights is so pretty, and I lovelovelove these boots!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. ah I'm glad you finally got some snow! And the boots are perfect for the cold weather, they're gorgeous!


  11. It looks so beautiful! We had a lot of snow here too, but it went away pretty qucikly :(
    Your outfit is really pretty, I love the pop of colour from your tights. You look really cosy and warm too which is needed!

  12. Ohhh it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! It really does look like a winter wonderland :D I love how you've edited these photos, everything looks magical!

  13. Oh wow du siehst ganz toll aus :) und dein header ist auch toll, hast du den Vogel selber gemacht?

    Viele liebe Grüße, Jules von

  14. beautiful pictures!
    so love it when it snows. ^^<3
    always makes me think of narnia ^^
    winter wonderland..secret closet gateway to an enchanted world...ihihi. ^^ luvly. ^^v
    huggles! MMxoxo

  15. This is probably my fave outfit of yours so far! The skirt suits you so well and I love the belt!
    And the snow. :)

  16. these pictures are dang lovely! i love them! oh yes i heard, it's all over the news. how has the cold been for you so far? take care!
    super lovely outfit btw :)


  17. wow cool, deine fotos schauem super aus, dein outfit find ich cool, ich mag die farbigen tights und die blumen am rock :))

    Ja auf meinem blog steht nirgendwo wo herr ich komme, bin eigentlich aus den vereinigtenstaaten aber ich wohne seit 5 jahren in Wien und studiere seit 2 und halb :))


  18. Aw, Carina I LOVE THESE PICS!!!!
    Um, you look GORGEOUS!!!!
    Glad you got a little snow!
    We have had such a mild winter in Iowa this year! It's been so nice!

  19. I love your outfit so much, the tones work really well together.
    We haven't had much snow over here and it hasn't been anywhere near as cold as mainland Europe but the weather is just so dreary and dull!
    By the way, I didn't know you were from Dusseldorf. When I was 14/15 I stayed there as an exchange student and I really loved it.

  20. Floral and denim are such perfect yin and yang. Love that skirt.

  21. Wow these photos are beautiful! Isn't it amazing how the features on our cameras seem to never end?! I love it! You look SO gorgeous - I just seem to adore your outfits more and more. I also love the location of these - too beautiful!


Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate every single one! <3


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