Wednesday 31 March 2010

starting something

Hi guys!

I finally brought myself to open this blog.
I came across many blogs the past months and felt very inspired by lots of them, but I was also a bit skeptical about blogging myself. The thing is that I'm pretty intimidated when I see all the beautiful blogs of beautiful people and how far they got with their ambition.
BUT I promised to push myself to do the things I like without caring about what others say, so: here it is. Bad Taste Toast.

Furthermore I need to practice English for my studies!
So I hope this turns out as a good training.

Plus: one of my resolutions for 2010 was to keep myself busy with photography.
Not only by taking photos, but also by learning more about technical aspects.

What I'm wearing today is the outfit for Chictopia's Chic in the City contest.
You can see my entry for the contest here!

If you don't know Chictopia, go check it out!
It's a really cool fashion community with lots of different stylish people
and a bunch of inspiration waiting to be discovered.

shirt: paris souvenir, cardigan: h&m, skirt: h&m,

belt: vintage, tights: accessorize, shoes: thrifted

bag: accessorize, bracelet: accessorize, watch: modcloth

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  1. Hi :) I followed you over from Chictopia.... This whole blogging thing is a bit overwhelming for me too! I never know what to post and I understand completely what you mean about it being intimidating. Good luck with yours!
    PS. Maybe this will help me practice a bit of German! I mostly know Low German though, my ex and his family and friends spoke it, so I learned alot. Anyways.... hope you have fun with the blog :)


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